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Workout Videos - How To Find The Best Work Out Video For Your Needs
-by Joey Atlas, M.S. Exercise Physiology

The right workout videos can be your secret weapon that help you get continuous results in regards to your fitness. No matter where you are starting from or what age you are - home and travel workout videos can keep you commited to your mission and focused on your goals.

The secret to life-long fitness success depends very highly on your choice of workout videos. With tens of thousands of them to choose from, how do you know which video is right for you. How do you know the difference between trash workout videos and highly effective, "worth every penny" workout videos? 

The choices are infinite and the variety of workout videos that exist can be somewhat overwhelming when trying to figure which workout video will give you the best results. There is a fast checklist you can go through to help narrow down your choices and help you hand pick the exact workout videos that are most appropriate for your specific needs, goals and lifestyle.

To start, you must recognize your workout preferences. Do you want to join a health club? Would you rather workout in the privacy of your own home? Are you interested in using minimal exercise equipment, if possible? Do you want to exercise with weights or would you prefer an workout video that doesn't require weight training? Do you prefer to workout with music? Or would you rather be able to choose your own music? Do you want to watch one fitness professional on video or do you want to see a group of people doing the workout program?

Second, you should assess your starting point. Are you a 19 year-old newbie-beginner? Are you a 56 year old work out veteran looking for some variety? Are you a 71 year-old 'starting all over again'? Are you extremely out of shape and overweight or do you just need to tone and firm up a bit? The best workout videos are structured to incorporate principles of gradual progression and ability specific workout programming for all levels of fitness.

These types of workout videos can take a beginner through various levels over time and can also provide plenty of intensity for someone who has been working out regularly but is looking for something to bring about better results.

Third, you should research the workout professional behind the video or videos you are interested in. While a lot of the big names occupy shelf space in Wal-mart, Target and similar stores, there are a good number of grass-roots workout pros who are creating and marketing their own brands of unique, safe, efficient and extremely effective workout videos.

The best way to do this is to find a fitness professional who interests you. Then run a search of their name on Google, MSN or Yahoo. See what results you get, read some of them and see what else you can find out about their workout videos and overall fitness philosophy.

Fourth, make sure the workout videos you purchase come with at least a six month, or longer, return policy. A thirty-day money back guarantee is worthless as most people don't really get into a workout video until the first six to eight weeks from date of purchase, some people evedn longer. You want enough time to use the workout videos and see if they are compatible with your abilities goals and lifestyle.

If the workout videos you have chosen are effective, then you will see results much sooner and you will not want to return them for a refund. Most of the mass-marketing companies use a short refund time frame for their workout videos because they already know, by research of consumer habits, that most people will delay action and procrastinate using the workout videos they have purchased.

Be cautious of old, recycled workout videos with new packaging and flashy names. Many companies will take an old work out video, redesign the box and modify the name so that people will think it is a new work out video, when in reality - its just an old program with some 'cosmetic work' done to it.

And one last note - you purchase a workout video not for cinematography or various film industry awards but for effectiveness of the work out video's content.

Choose your workout videos carefully and follow them consistently to achieve long term, permanent fitness results.


Joey Atlas, M.S. - Exercise Physiology, is a Fitness Consultant, Professional Trainer and Fitness Writer. He is also the creator of The Home, Office and Travel Workout Video Series, an Internationally distributed series of work out videos for women and men of all fitness levels.

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