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"How to Get Lean, Muscular Legs,
An Athletically Defined Butt And A
Strong, Powerfully Agile Lower Body,
Without Spending Two Body-Crippling
Hours In The Gym Every Other Day...

"No Crowded Health Clubs, No Dangerous
Machines & No Crazy, Weight Lifting Routines...

   By Joey Atlas - Creator of 'Athletic Legs - BodyWeight Leg Workouts For Men'

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL -

All Factors Considered, The Right BodyWeight Leg Workout Program Blows Away All Traditional Weight Training, Body Building & Power Lifting Routines For Fast, Permanent Results

Before you read any further, please be warned:

If you are foolishly interested in lifting stupid amounts of back-breaking, joint-destroying weights, then you will find nothing of interest to you here.

My 20 years of experience and education have proven to me that you do not need to 'throw-up' during your workout or break blood vessels in your face, to get incredible results from your leg workouts.You will not read about 'the leg workout from hell' nor will you be reading about someone's 2.5 hour leg blitz marathon routine. Not here, not with me.

I've done that stuff (long ago) and I've worked with people who have done the same. Its ridiculous and, most of all, its completely unnecessary.

Fitness is supposed to make you feel good - strong, healthy and loaded with energy. This is what you want out of your leg workouts.

Beating the hell out of yourself, and being sore for 3 days with constant back and knee pain is not what fitness is about. So if you want the bloated, puffy, 'stick up your ass' bodybuilder type look, you'll have to keep looking. Sorry...

So, you're still reading, huh, Tough Guy?

You're obviously smart, too...   So lets get on with the good stuff.

If you want the athletically defined, solid and sexy look, then you are in the right place.

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Joey Atlas, a former 'fat kid' turned drug-free bodybuilder, Exercise Physiologist (Masters Degree), Personal Trainer and now - Worldwide Fitness & Life Improvement Coach. I'm the creator of several top selling Fitness DVD Training Programs. Feel free to visit the following websites to learn about these other programs (a new window will open so you won't lose this page):

- Abs Of Stone - Core Of Steel
- Upper Body Fitness Training
- Optimum Flexibility
- The Leg, Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover For Women

Its Not All About The Weights

Several years ago I started to transition myself away from 'traditional' weight training workouts. I also did the same with my personal training clients.

Our leg workouts took on a whole new identity - they became fun, quick and VERY effective. My clients actually started to look forward to their leg workouts instead of dreading/avoiding them.

The transition occured because - the draining weight/machine routines were just not fitting in to my life. Doing a leg workout for 2 hours just didn't work for a married guy with 3 kids and a business to run. Additionally, the 'old school' leg workouts were wearing me down. Aches & pains were just something you had to accept with this type of leg training routine.

Think about it. How many years do you think you can put a 3/4 inch steel bar across the back of your shoulders, with 200 - 300 lbs on it, before your neck and back start giving you problems? (And believe me, my form was freakin' perfect.)


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Look, don't get me wrong, weights have their place in my book of training - and they always will. But there is alot more to be done with no weights at all to get truly staggering results with your leg workouts and still have the time and energy to live the rest of your life (family, work, business, etc.).

I ended up putting a condensed version of this leg training routine on video for my clients who travelled alot, so they could keep things going, even while on the road.

My clients loved these workouts so much they thought I should clean the DVDs up a bit, reproduce them and sell them to people everywhere. So, acting on that advice, I created the womens' version first - 'The Leg, Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover'.

I thought women would be the big buyers of this program and they have been. But I also realized a lot of men were purchasing the program as well (and getting great results !) - and so, I knew I had to create the mens' version sooner as opposed to later.

See the photo way up at the top? Those are my legs. Now, I'm no Tom Platz but they do look pretty solid & athletic, don't they?

I took that photo cold. Put my digital camera on auto shoot, jumped in front and threw a nice pose for you to see some of the definition that this type of bodyweight leg routine can give you. Keep in mind, thats without shaving the body hair, no fake & bake tan & no posing oil - like the 'fitness models' you see in alot of these bogus equipment and 'supplement' advertisements.

Forget The Scam 'Breakthroughs' - I'm Gonna Give You The Breakdown

Properly structured bodyweight leg workouts can be extremely effective at helping you develop solid legs with lean muscularity, firmly shaped glutes (which ALL women love, bigtime!) and athletically defined lines. Additionally, if you play any sport, your sports performance IMMEDIATELY improves with this type of leg training.

Most leg workouts being done today are the result of 'monkey see - monkey do'. You go to the gym you see what everydody else is doing and so you believe they must all be right, and therefore you do the same thing. Not a good idea, my friend.

This Is Exactly What You SHOULD NOT Do (Despite What All Those Free Advice Articles Tell You)

5 sets of squats - bar across the upper back
3 sets of lunges - dumbells in hands - or, on the smith machine
4 sets of leg presses
3 sets of hack squats
3 sets of leg extensions
3 sets of leg curls
4 sets of standing calf raises
4 sets of seated calf raises
...and then you throw in a few more exercises just to make sure you didn't miss anything, such as stiff legged dead-lifts.

This Is Freakin' Nuts !

I know, because I used to do this - See what everybody else is doing, read some of the 'muscle' magazines and then do these crazy workouts that were completely unnecessary. With time came the wisdom to realize this was not normal - and there had to be a smarter way to achieve my goals and help people like you do the same.

Alot of the 'muscle building' supplement companies (protein powder drink mixes, creatine concotions, high calorie protein bars, etc)  even give their customers these types of workout routines for free.

And here is why - the customer is able to consume more of these snake oil 'muscle building' products because these very demanding workouts require ALOT of calories to be burned - hence the customer believes whatever results he is getting is because of the magical supplements. What a hoax - (I fell for this kind of stuff when I was new to all of this in my late teens and early twenties).

The reality is most of us don't need much supplementation, if any at all, with a nutritionally sound, consistent, way of eating. By simply following the right kind of 'fitness' diet (again, just using the term to describe eating habits that are conducive to giving you a lean muscular physique), your workouts can become incredibly effective with much less time and energy wasted.

Its that simple.

Designing and experimenting with various bodyweight leg training routines led me to the leg workout program that I would ultimately use as the foundation for my own workouts, and for both my male and female clients.

The Biggest Differences (And Benefits To You) Are:

- MUCH less time spent (wasted) working out. Gives you more time to be with family & friends - having fun, etc.

- Fast improvements that are easy to maintain for the long haul.

- Clear changes in muscularity and definition.

- Improvements in sports performance.

- Reduced risk of serious injury. (Orthopedists and physical therapists LOVE traditional 'weight lifters').

- Drastic reduction in every day aches & pains.

- Reduction in minor injuries such as tendonitis & muscle strains.

- Removes the excuse, "I don't have time to workout." - because your workouts are not 2 hours long - now they can be done in less than 45 minutes & sometimes in less than 30 minutes.

- No need for taking the drive to the gym (more time saved & less hassle) - because you can do this workout ANYWHERE.

Natural, Dynamic Movements Outdo Strict Form - Rigged Movement Exercises - And Deliver 'Kick-Ass' Results

Good form is necessary in your workouts - but realize this - we do not move the way most traditional exercises with weights suggest we should. Machines also severely restrict natural movement patterns - not good for transferring your newfound abilities to everyday life and sports.

Bodyweight leg exercises, when combined correctly, deliver a way of stimulating muscle fibers that would normally get 'bypassed' with traditional, 1 or 2 dimensional type leg workout routines.

When following a multidimensional leg training protocol, which incorporates natural movement patterns at varying intensities, the trainng effect is magical. Not only does the appearance of your muscles improve but the 'energy' you feel in your legs and your athletic abilities are drastically enhanced. (This has alot to do with the 'neural' stimulation, and strengthening, of the neurons that connect the brain to the muscles).

                                               Joey Demonstrates The 'Step-Back/TD' Lunge Combo

You Know The Difference, Now Here Is Your Big Opportunity To Be The 'Smart, Muscle Guy' and Get Yourself Into Awesome Shape Quickly And Safely

I've taken my original BodyWeight Leg Workout Program that I put on DVDs for my clients and created a completely new set of Progression Plans For Men, covering 4 levels of training which include the Advanced Maintenance Training Plan. (In the DVDs you'll hear me mention 'The Leg, Butt, Hip And Thigh Makeover' program - which follow a completely different set of progression plans, specifically created for women.)


"Joey - You are a life-saver !
From a guy who spent many of his younger years 'in the gym' doing the same thing everybody else was doing with the weights and machines - your Athletic Legs program is truly incredible. Back in the day, my knees and back would hurt more than anything else after some of my leg workouts. Some of those old aches and pains are still with me (but they are slowly disappearing as I make progress with your workouts).

As a father of 3 with a busy work schedule, I never thought I'd find my ideal fitness solution - until I found you. I was a little sceptical at first because all I knew about 'fitness' was intense weight training. But after trying your level 1 workout I knew I had found something quite valuable - I mean, I felt muscles working that I never felt by doing bar squats or the leg press machines. I guess I would call it a deep-down 'good workout' type feeling in the muscles, without the unneeded stress on my joints and lower back. The results I'm getting are phenominal and everybody is taking notice. I have alot more energy to play with the kids (and my wife), and now I'm feared when I step up to the plate in my softball games. Thanks for bringing your unique philososphy and programs to people like me."
- Dale Kasselen

Here is what you get with your 'Athletic Legs' DVD Training Program:

1) Level 1 - DVD # 1 ---------------------------------- $28.97 (when sold seperately)
2) Level 2 - DVD # 2 ---------------------------------- $28.97 (when sold seperately)
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4) Level 4 - Advanced Maintenance Method - $35.97 value
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Still not sure this is for you?

Have some questions for me?

Send me an email at joey (at) joeyatlas. com
or give me a call toll free at 866-Yes-Joey.

This leg workout program is ideal for:

- Men with busy work & family schedules who are smart enough to know the value of being in-shape, healthy and strong.

- Athletes who want to improve sports performance safely and quickly with minimal risk of serious injury.

- Men who do not have the time or patience for the gym or health club scene.

- Fitness pros & personal trainers who are intersted in learning an effective and efficient leg training system that can be done anywhere, anytime.

- Fitness & workout fanatics who are looking for a realistic alternative to the back-breaking, joint destroying & blood vessel breaking leg workouts you've been doing for the last ten years.

- Teenagers who are interested in learning how to exercise safely and get awesome results without ending up in physical therapy.

- Fathers who value the idea of being fit, strong, and healthy for their families.

  Just in case you missed it above - As I do with all of my DVD training systems, 'Athletic Legs' also comes with my 100% - 1 Year Guarantee. If you get your program & use it as oulined in the Progression Plans and are not satisfied with your results - just send it back & let me know why, and you get a full refund (minus shipping).

Its an 'offer you can't refuse'.

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"Dont Be Like Everybody Else...   Be Fit !"

  Joey Atlas - M.S., Exercise Physiology
PS -
If you are in perfect shape and know exactly what you are doing then you wouldn't being reading this far in the first place. The fact that you are still reading means that I can help you tremendously, without question. I've spent my whole life living and learning this stuff & now my purpose is to teach people just like you how to get this stuff right & make it work for you with minimal effort. Don't pass up this opportunity - I guarantee it will change your life.

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